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Making progress?

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I'm not sure if I'm making progress or not. I pulled credit reports from TrueCredit and then I disputed accounts through all of the big three. Since then I've heard MyFICO is better (more accurate?) so I waited and decided to pull all three today through them. The only CRA dispute I can check online is Experian. They have one account deleted and three more still pending. I have no clue what's up with my disputes with TU and EQ.

For EX through TrueCredit there were a total of six reported accounts and a credit score of 552. Through MyFICO there are only four accounts being reported. The deleted account isn't showing as well as one other that's still listed as pending per the online dispute. The other two accounts being disputed and listed as pending are on his report. FICO score is 620.

For TU through TrueCredit there were a total of seven accounts and a score of 565. Through MyFICO there are only six listed (the same one pending dispute through EX but not reported) and a FICO score of 610.

This is the weird one. For EQ through TrueCredit there are seven accounts listed for a credit score of 591. Through MyFICO the exact same accounts are all listed for a FICO score of 529!

I have no clue if I'm making progress or not.

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You are indeed making progress!!

You have to remember that bad credit didn't happen overnight, and you can't fix it overnight. It takes patience and persistance.

Most of the time when you first get a deletion or something changed, your score goes down for the first few months, then starts climbing. It's like a snowball...once you start up, and you keep working at it...it just keeps going. Your score gets better, you get better cards, your score gets better-and on and on and on...

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Most of the time when you first get a deletion or something changed, your score goes down for the first few months, then starts climbing.

Kinda nullifies that old saying..."If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." His scores were higher when you had nasty crap to say about him so come on back. And no doubt if they did come back the CRA's would deduct another 40 points from his current score instead of raising back to his pre-disputed score. Urrrg!!!

And just a little FYI.... As some are aware, I have disputed a few accounts from DH's credit reports. We got a call today about back taxes. DH's ex-employer deducted money for his personal taxes and never paid them. We called another ex-employee who said the same problem happened with them when they started cleaning their credit to buy a house. This is really a non-issue as I will gladly pay the small amount they are asking for. The issue is.... how is this CA aware of the activity on DH's credit report when they are not a creditor? It seems odd to me that this CA has popped up demanding money (exact words were "Are you aware that this debt could have an impact on any future bank loans you may apply for?"..... oddly enough, just before two different people attempt to get bank loans for a house). The woman also said they will report the debt within ten days from today if no payment is received. Like I said, I'll pay it but why does it seem like they know what we are doing? Are they somehow keeping tabs on credit report activity? The woman DH talked to said she also got her demand for money soon after she started her credit repair as well. Experian deletes Providian today and a new creditor pops up...... too odd to be a coincidence.

But back to the subject at hand. On MyFICO they have a score simulator. The only debt outstanding is that nasty Plains Commerce account. I simulated that I paid the debt (mind you the debt is already paid) and it said his scores would go up. I was under the impression that paid CO's didn't affect scores at all. Will it really make his scores go up or is this some ploy the CRA's and OC's came up with to falsely lead consumers into believing that paying off bad debts raises your scores? I'm beginning to wonder if the 70 point boost the simulator said he would get wouldn't be worth the $600. I'm stingy so I won't pay but I think it's unfair to mislead people into thinking paying off debts will help their credit when it really won't.

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