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Should we add each other as AU?


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Wife and I have scores in mid-upper 600's. I have an 11 year old Visa ($3k limit) and a 6 month old Amex with perfect histories and a 6 year old Cap1 with a 30 day late 12/04, all with low or zero balances. She has a Sears and a Visa ($11k limit), both several years old with no lates, high limits and 20% utilization.

Should we add each other as an AU to our accounts? I would think I should add her to my Visa since she only has 2 cards, but should she add me to hers which would give me 4 cards but more than double my credit limit though it might bump up my % utilization a bit.

I guess this is where the credit guessing game really comes into play.

Any thoughts?


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