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Is the Household Credit Service with the Orchard Bankcard?

Yep.....from their site:

About Us

The Orchard Bank credit card program was established to make credit cards available to those consumers unable to obtain them through traditional means. The Orchard Bank credit card program continues today as a leader in the under-served credit industry, with a unique approach of educating customers on all aspects of obtaining and using credit. Orchard Bank credit cards are issued by Household Bank (SB), N.A., Las Vegas Nevada ("Household Bank") and are serviced by Household Credit Services Inc. and/or Household Credit Services (II), Inc. ("Household Credit Services") in Beaverton, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada. Presently, both MasterCard and Visa credit cards are issued nationally, using both the Orchard Bank and Household Bank brands. Over 2 million customers use our high quality, well-serviced credit cards to help them establish, or re-establish their credit. HSBC Card Services Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of consumer finance, credit card, non-prime auto finance and credit insurance products in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

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