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Questions about filing collateral attack on a void judgment

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If a Florida county court issued a void judgment, what court should you file your collateral attack in?

What legal authority should be cited to authorize the court to act?

Just Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.540(B)(4)?

Does anyone have a sample collateral attack complaint to show as an example?

Does anyone know an attorney that helps pro se/pro per litigants file collateral attacks on void judgments?

Most of these JDB lawsuits are void default judgments.

They could all be knocked out with collateral attack lawsuits.

Thousands of them exist.

There is no time limit to vacate a void judgment, other than the 20 year SoL on a judgment.

I hope there is some Florida consumer attorney out there who realizes the gold mine in assisting the vacating of all these void judgments.

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