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FCNB Returns...


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I had an chargeoff occur that occured after the bankruptcy - then they bent belly-up. I disputed, they disappeared. This was in 2003

Today they just reappeared on my Experian as an active chargeoff.

I'm just bent. There is no other word to describe it. My report on Experian was *almost* clean, too.

Anyone else having mystery re-appears with FCNB?

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Just read over on 'that other site' that someone had the same problem today.


It's got a Nebraska address on it - which means FNBO prolly took it over. Wonderful :( LOL - I'm gonna have to go thru the forums to remember how to tackle a ChargeOff...

Lists as:



OMAHA, NE 68102




Account charged off/Past due 180 days. $1,XXX written off. $1,XXXpast due as of 2-2005.

Date Opened: 05/2001

Type: Revolving

Credit Limit: $1,XXX

Date of Status: 06/2003

Terms: NA

High Balance: $1,XXX

Reported Since: 05/2001

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: $1,XXX

Last Reported Date: 02/2005

Responsibility: Individual

Recent Payment: $0

Account History:

Charge Off as of 6-2003 to 2-2005

180 days as of 5-2003

150 days as of 4-2003

120 days as of 3-2003

90 days as of 2-2003

60 days as of 1-2003

30 days as of 12-2002

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You know - I thought about that. I originally had this deleted a couple years ago - without incident. I have since moved.

So...................... it IS reinsertion because it WAS deleted at one point, and Experian certainly has my new address, so....

I already initiated a dispute - and I might try the 'reinsertion' avenue also. I guess I'll just sit on my hands until it gets deleted or FNBO verifies it.

Thank God I closed on my refi yesterday morning and they pulled the credit the morning before that (sans FCNB). I better go buy a lotto ticket

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Verified today...

Now what? :(

I guess I shoot a Reinsertion Letter to Experian and, uh, tackle this CO with whomever, tho I really dunno how to do that - I'm a n00b with CO's...

Since they bought the debt, i guess that makes them a CA rather than teh OC on this dealio, eh?

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I'd go the "re-insert w/o 5-day notice" route.

I had one recently come back on EQ after TWO YEARS! CA even tried using a slightly different account number on it.

I contacted my "special handling" rep at EQ and although they "didn't see it as a re-insertion", they deleted it anyways.

Good luck,


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Well - after a thrilling 20-minute hold, I no sooner gave the rep my name, she replied, "Sir, your file is being maintained by Lisa in our Special Services Dept. - you will need to contact her."


So.. reinsertion it is, and Special Services I shall...

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FYI I read that the First National Bank of Omaha bought some of these acct. receivables last month from the receivorship, so cardservices does not handle those accts. that have been sold or delinquent. :p

Couldn't this fall under the FDCPA then, since they aren't the "oc", they bought the debt, just like a ca would...

Hi Joe ! <waving>

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Yep! That's why ya gotta keep all those OLD reports archived somewhere.

Just in case!

I've got so many, I can't stand it. I'd like to shred 'em, but I think I'll just have to scan a few at a time onto my hard drive or, better yet, a memory stick that I can stick in a safe somewhere.


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  • 3 months later...

Well - back on the 'repair' bandwagon - this FCNB CO is gonna be a ballbuster, I imagine.

So - apparently there was no reinsertion at stake - the TL disappeared on its own accord then repared as mentioned above. Magically verified by EX in two days.

So.. thinking I should DV them? The debt is well within the SOL, but oh well... I can't sit on this pig for 5 more years.

Anyone have a contact addy/phone number for them? Push comes to shove, I'll try to buy these folks off...

Anyone else have any recent activity with FCNB/FNBO?

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Got my fav person in the special services department - states that FNBO verified the debt.

Me: "I disputed via the website on Friday evening.."

Her: "Uh huh.."

Me: "I got an email response Sunday evening stating the item had been verified"

Her: "Correct"

Me: "But... how? I mean - that seems a bit incredible that a debt of which I am unaware is verified in 2 days - on a weekend nonetheless"

Her: "We do everything electronically nowadays - expedites the process"

The conversation was really nonproductive after that point, but she maintains they received a response from FNBO regarding this CO.


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