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Target guest card ... no bill yet??

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My wife has a target guest card. It's new and she charge about 70 dollars on it. It's been almost a month since she got the card, but has yet to receive a billing statement. We have the stuff that she ordered.

We called the number on the back and the info said nothing was due.

Has anybody run into any problems with them and billing and reporting? The nearest Target is 3 hours away, BUT I don't want a late fee OR a 30 day late on my reports.....

Thanks guys

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The Target Guest card does not report the credit limit and the payment is usually 20.00 per month so if you are worried about the bill, you can pay this by phone via your checking acct. If it says no payment is due, I would not worry as you will probably receive a bill within the next billing cycle. :D

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I have a question about this card for you all that applied online.

I applied and it says "further processing is needed"....Is this good OR bad? :?:

I got that message. I was approved!

Cool! :party:

Which one were you approved for, And how did they notify you!?


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