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Help!! Do I Have them by the gonads, or do they have me?

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I have a 3 year old paid judgment against me, with SEARS as the plaintiff. During the time of the legal proceedings, SEARS sold the debt to Sherman Acquisition, although SEARS has the judgment against me.

When I asked Sears to release/vacate the old judgment, they said that they would, but it now belonged to Sherman. I then called Sherman, and they agreed to do so. They sent me a letter that said "Sherman Acquisition will initiate the satisfaction and release of judgment referred to in case #xxx..."

I then called the local law firm that handled the case on behalf of SEARS. He refused to sign off on it. I then showed him the Sherman letter, and he agreed to do so, if he had the verbal okay from his contact at Sherman. He called his contact, and they are refusing to release/vacate the judgment. They told him that they only do so in cases of fraud.

Do I have these suckers, or not? I am still hopeful that Sherman will release this, as promised, but don't know if this new person has the power to overturn the previous decision. I am also fearful that they can just say that whoever sent me that letter, didn't have the authority to do so (there is no signature).

Please advise!



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