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At last phone conf before judge, CA attorney for crap 1 was pissed because I was filing a motion to dismiss with predjuce

I pointed out that they have rec. 3 req for complete dv, but have not sent it all & pointed out violations, etc.

so I file my motion next hearing april 7

he files for summary judgement and his memorandum to support. He says I did not answer his 2nd req for admissions. I did deny them all teh first time, so he sent again, I answered again, but with out direct admits, like appears to be my sign. and reviewing info rec.

I have proof with green card they rec. these.

Never mind they have not answered my req for admissions and production of documents, they were sent in same packet as their 2nd req anwers.

Should I file a motion just like his for judgment in my favor since he has not produced documents requested. I can prove I answered. He cannot prove anything, as they send all stuff reg mail.

This attorney seems to think he doesn't have to give me any info he doesn't want to. He is acting as debt collector, " this is an attempt to collect a debt on their letters.

One of the things I asked for was written proof the OC was rejecting my offer. My guess is OC is not aware of my offer.


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