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Suretech not licensed?


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HI folks,

I know I had done this before but I'm a bit rusty...ok WAAAAY rusty. I'm trying to check to see if this CA (Suretech Recovery, LLC) is licensed to collect in my state (Washington) and so far I'm not finding ANY matches...not even for OTHER states....which I know can't be right (they're located in Nevada) can someone help? I think I'm having a brain malfunction.

Any help WILL be very appreciated, so TIA.


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Well, it was located...


Oh well...

Has anyone had any experiences with this collection agency? They're attempting to collect on a repo'd vehicle (my dh's). This is the 3rd CA to have this acct...getting ready to send a partial C&D to them (they keep calling). They must've seen that we're trying to get back on our feet and so they're taking it upon themselves to make sure that doesn't happen...they're too late though because we were able to buy our house and a car! LOL!!! I'll post an update in the off topic area later.

As a side note, the last two times they called and my dh spoke with them the person "Warren" actually outright said that he can only put in writing any agreement "agreed to" by phone! In other words, we couldn't get him to send ANYTHING in writing...no offers, nothing. He says he supposedly "can't." I think that's all a crock...I've gotten many offers in writing from various CA's over the years!! Thankfully, dh didn't agree to anything...he just kept saying, "no..." We won't be speaking by phone with him any longer of course. I can't wait to get this C&D out.


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Um, they are NOT licensed to do business in Washington. They have registered their business info with the Dept of Revenue, but must also have a Collection Agency License from DOL.


If you read the Washington Collection Agency Act RCW 19.16 you will see that it is a $2,000 penalty for each and every violation, in addition to an FDCPA violation.


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Hi there,

I appreciate your thought, but I actually contacted someone at the department of revenue and they said that this company IS licensed...


It says that the license was first issued in Sept of 2003. Are you trying to say that they're aren't licensed appropriately as a "collection agency via the department of licensing?" I think I'm confused...I was told via the dept of revenue that they're licensed to conduct business here in the state of Wa. Here's the link showing the license info...by the way, when I did my search I was linked TO there FROM the department of licensing.


Thanks anyway...E~

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Yes, that is what I am saying, they do not have a DOL license to operate as a collection agency within Washington State according to the DOL web site (see the link above) :

Clipping pertinant parts:

RCW 19.16.110 No person shall act, assume to act, or advertise as a collection agency or out-of-state collection agency as defined in this chapter, except as authorized by this chapter, without first having applied for and obtained a license from the director.


RCW 19.16.100 (7) "Director" means the director of licensing.

The DOL web Site above also has a phone number and link to email and request the status of any company in case you can not find them in the database.

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Hi there,

I just wanted to update to clarify the licensing requirements for CA's attempting to collect in Wa. State. Here is the direct copy of the e-mail I received today...I hope that more clearly defines things, I know it helped me enormously because I was just boggled on the requirements. The company that Sure Tech is attempting to collect on behalf of IS out of state...so they're good to go...accept now they got my letter of a C&D and validation!!! 8-)

Thanks everyone--

They said;

I found a Sure Tech Recovery, LLC that is licensed to collect in WA. They have two locations licensed to collect in WA - Las Vega, NV and San Diego, CA.

The out-of-state license that they hold means they can contact debtors in WA State but ONLY on behalf of creditors from outside of WA. This means they cannot work on behalf of a creditor in WA State.

Harumi Tucker Tolbert

Washington State Department of Licensing

Master License Service

Phone: (360) 664-1389

Fax: (360) 570-7875

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." -- Anonymous

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