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Who is lying, BofA of the 3 Bureaus

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My Visa account with BofA was closed in December due to a CO reported by Verizon. After many problems, I was able to get a deletion from Verizon. I called BofA to get the account reinstated, but was denied.

I got the adverse action letter today. It claimed that I was denied due to a major delinquency reported on my TU report. I pulled my TU immediately, no negs reported. Not only no negs, but BofA had not accessed my CR since December as an AR soft pull.

So I called BofA and asked the reps what the deal was. They told me that they didn't pull TU, that they pulled EQ. I told them my EQ showed no BofA pulls and that there were no negs there, either. She told me that the CRA's don't update consumer reports as often as they do subscriber reports.

Now in the past, when people have done pulls, I have known the next day. I think she was lying.

Is there anything I can do? I have proof that they didn't pull my credit on EQ or TU, yet the letter says they did.

Lying bastards!

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Well, if the Verizon tradeline was false, I would say you have a cause of action against Verizon for violating the FCRA. The actual damages would be the loss of the BofA account. Since Verizon is now deleted, it would be a slam-dunk case...the deletion is proof positive of false reporting.

As for BofA, well, you can't force someone to issue credit to you. As long as they don't discriminate based on race, creed, religion or any other constitutionally protected means, then they can choose who they want to do business with as they please.

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Hey anyone else just hear about that huge multi-million dollar lawsuit BOA just settled for hiding risks from investors?.....

This may be a bad time for them, just a thought. Ah the banana peels a big company gets to slip on. And if some of the folks at the top cut-corners, bend the rules a little, and or are un-ethical we all know $hit rolls down hill.

Other people have considered out and out lying or run around isn't O.K. from any company let alone a mega-CO.

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