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Rufi the Reet-zel infests us down in Florida


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Here's an 2004 article I found when looking for Asset Acceptance's Florida office, which is located at 559 Lake Kathy Dr., Brandon, FL 33510.

Keep that address in mind Floridians when you need to serve Asset with your collateral attack lawsuit summons to vacate their void judgment against you.


Everyone who know Asset knows of Rufi (Bud) the Reet-zel.

Looks like he got his hair mussed last year during the hurricanes.

"I won't say that we won't get our hair mussed. But I guarantee that we won't lose more than ten or twenty million, tops, depending on the breaks".

General Buck Turgidson.

Rufi's hair got mussed but we lose the ten or twenty million and that's not the end of it because we don't get the breaks.

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People who don't wear seatbelts: It wont happen to me.

People who dont take care of their health, because it wont happen to them

Or any number of the reasons why people do stuff like the following, which requires a visit from myself or my brothers.

(September 2003, Escobedo, Mexico) An unidentified 60-year-old man was still thirsty after drinking what most would consider “too much alcohol.” He stumbled toward a nearby bee’s nest, perhaps hoping to follow the beer with a bit of honey, which the bees would surely share.

Instead, over a thousand noble bees sacrificed their lives to protect the hive, a Darwinian response bred into them millennia ago. The man, quite reasonably, went into anaphylactic shock and died.

A hospital spokesman disputed the theory that the bees alone had killed him, attributing his demise to “the stupid things drunken people do,” pointing out that the man was otherwise healthy and could have enjoyed a long life. “The combination was lethal.”

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