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Wait! Need repo infor


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I was just reading the thread on repos and Asset. I had a vehicle repo'd in 9/2000. At the time I owed a little over 8K. They sold the vehicle at auction for a little over 3k leaving a little more than 5k. Their legal department contacted me around Jan/Feb of 2001 and offered to settle in two payments. I made one payment, never made the other payment. Fast forward to 10/2004. I contacted the OC, Chrysler Fin and was told they assigned the debt to a CA in 1/2004. I have been attempting to negotiate a settlement with the CA. I noticed they reaged the debt with the DLA as 12/04. I haven't made any payments since 2001. This week, I received a letter from another CA, offering to settle for 30% of the balance which is 4k. Can the first CA reage the debt to 12/04 if I haven't made any payments? Is the SOL different for repos?

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