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FICO scores ??


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OK this may be stupid ..but like I said I just started the credit repair process. I wasn't even aware it was possible to do credit repair yourself till this past couple of weeks...so forgive the newbie for being somewhat dim about these things :oops:

I have seen on these boards my fico . com ? Is that where the credit scores come from ? How do I find out my score ...I know its bad :cry:

I think I heard that 700 is good , is that right ?

See , I told you Im new and I have lots of questions ...dont get to annoyed with me :wink:

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Go to myfico.com, pull your reports and look at the scores. Use 2005fico for a discount code to get 20% off. 700 is great, anything over 650 is respectable. 800 is like bigfoot, alot of people believe it exists, but no one has ever seen it....LOL

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Dont worry-we were all new once!


myfico.com will give you 'true' fico scores.

You can sign up for a 2 month *trial* at www.privacyguard.com for $1 and get all 3 reports to get a general idea of where your at.

But if your starting credit repair then you should hit the websites for each bureau individualy and get their single reports. That will give you all the information (hopefully) that you will need to start the credit repair process.

If you've been denied credit, you can use that to get the reports from the CRAs for free.

Also, depending on where you live, due to FACTA-you can get a free report once a year from each agency. Check here:


The combined reports wont give you what you need to start credit repair.

The best thing to do, order your reports, then come back here and read, read, read... Knowledge is power!

Welcome and good luck. Its not a quick fix-it took a long to get your credit messed up, but you will have success as just about everyone here has!


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LOL...Good one Dive..

Credit-Knightmare I would also sugges signing up for a type of service like privacy guard, where you can pull you reports daily, and have your FAKO scores as well, the main reason is to have the access daily so you can watch for the changes and not always have to wait in the mail from the CRA's. Here is a link for another post I just had, the link gives you the best Privacy guard set-up I have found yet. Good luck. :D


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Thank you...

I did order all three reports . I did ( Experian and TransU ) on line and printed them out and I am waiting for Equifax by mail. I did not however order the credit scores they were talking about because I just didnt think about it. I just wanted to see the reports.

I will go and get my scores , and hopefully start on the road to recovery :) another question, since all my negative accounts are old and im trying to have them removed ( I have another post about that , not sur how to do it. ) If I do get them all off of my report , I will only have one thing on my CR . My mortgage . Is it bad not to have anything on a CR ?

It will look like I dont have any credit except my mortgage ( which is current never late ) will that help my score or what ?

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If the accounts are bad-getting them removed will help.

You keep saying their 'old' but old in the credit world is like 7 years... Yours didnt look that old...

You can sign up with privacyguard and get 'fako' scores. I would bother paying for the real scores just yet. The fakos will give you a good idea where your at.

Also, didnt mention it before, but the first things you will want to dispute on your reports is any personal information that may be wrong; names, ssn, addresses, etc. get all that correct first.

and read, read, read!


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