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From "frivillous" to "deleted" in 18 hou

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I just got off the phone with a rep from TU.

I had been disputing a paid collection for the last 2 months with no success. Finally, I went to the courthouse and got a certified copy of a "stipulation of dismissal" from the OC's attorney. The dismissal stated, "dismissed at no cost to either party". So, again, I disputed it with the angle of "No cost, then no debt to begin with; if there was no debt to begin with then, the CA has no right to report a debt that should have never existed!"

The CA had been reporting and verifying that the debt was dismissed in bankruptcy and wasn't reporting a balance. I have never filed for bankruptcy!!! So, I kept disputing that fact; and, in this last dispute, I included the court document. And yet, the CA kept verifying it as dismissed in BK.

Yesterday, I received TU's "Frivoulous" letter. It was dated one day after they received my CMRR ( in which I recited FCRA and all that legal threat stuff). It their letter they said "If you have court documents that release you from this obligation, send a copy".

DUH!!!! I sent a copy DipS*#&s!!!!!

So I got on the phone and called TU. The first guy that got on the phone got an earful....so, he sends me to special handling. I, again, explained that I sent in what they were requesting in their "frivillous" letter. The person I spoke to said "well, let me look at the documentation you sent in". She did and then told me that she would call the CA this morning to see what was going on and she would call me back. Of course, I took it as a blow off. But, lo and behold, she did call back this morning and told me she was deleting the trade line off my report in its entirety.

Here's the funny part.....

I asked "how I go from a "frivillious" dispute, to "deletion" in less than 18 hours? Yesterday it didn't deserve a look and today there are grounds to delete."

The response I got was, "since I disputed it 3 times in the last 6 weeks, the dates showed that it shouldn't be investigated because nothing would have changed."

Hmmmm, now that's interesting; isn't it? Nothing would have changed!? I beg to differ, something has changed....it's DELETED!!!! Of course, I didn't want to be toooo snippy, so I kept that comment to myself.

I asked

"What? Do you see a bankruptcy on my credit report?"

The response:

"No Sir"

I asked:

"Well, don't you think something is out of line if a CA says something was IIB and there was never a bankrupcy."

The response:

"Well, that does seem odd"

I said:

"so, I dispute this thing 3 times and all three times disputed as: not in Bankrupcy, no debt to begin with, and dismissed with prejudice by the OC and because the dates of the disputes are so close together, it's considered frivillous. Isn't that a reckless disregard for the truth? I would consider that grounds for both FCRA violations AND defamation (based on recklessness) and if it wasn't deleted this time, I would have gone for TU's and the CA's jugular!"

All I got was, "I understand your frustration".


I asked about the documentation that was sent in. I was told that it was scanned into my file and the hard copy shredded and I BET it would have never gotten a second look had I not gone off!!!

And they wonder why they are BURIED with disputes of the same items time and time again.

SOME FREAKING "INVESTIGATION SYSTEM" huh. Good thing I recorded the entire conversation on my cell phone!!

I wish I had a job where I never had to prove that I'd done my job. I'd just go golfing everyday and tell my boss... "Yes, I worked today, give me my check!!!". Reasonable investigation MY #$ss!! If I hadn't called, like the average joe dosen't, I would still have it on my report because "hey, they say it's "frivillous" so I guess that's it then.

I would love to enjoin in a class action against these CRA's and make them accountable for how they "investigate"!!!


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