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~CM Chase..HELP..YIKES!! Discovery?

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Hey gal..I just signed for my daughter's 7 page Discovery Request yesterday from the Plaintiff's Attorney...OH MY GOD!!

It is well above my head...They are asking things that don't make sense...EX: Biological parents residence, place of work and pay?????

There are 18 Interrogatories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know where to start or what to do...I had spoken to the hospital and the CA in the past, but did not get names or dates or anything....these questions are unreal....my GOD!!

HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch anyone???? If you can squeeze me in SOON, lunch?? I'll buy!!!!!!!!


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Hi chancy..looks as if they are going to come after me for at least one of the bills..when she was 17 yrs old.

Curious....Since this one bill is, I ASSUME, what was above and beyond insurance claims and went to collections 2 years ago, if it somehow gets put into hubby or my name, then i also ASSUME that it will be put onto our credit reports as an instant collection also? (ya know, w/o given the chance to pay before it is listed on our reports as a bad debt)

Any clue??

Guess I will see you at lunch too??


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