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Continuation of credit card mess

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I never received a summons. One day I got in the mail a judgement that was filed with the court. I called the court and asked why I had no notification of anything prior to receiving the judgement. The lady on the phone said that the judgement was entered by the lawyer for the credit card company and was the information was never put before a judge, so there would have never been a court date to attend. I don't know if its legal or not and have no clue how to find out. I called the lawyers office listed on the judgement and asked them what to do. She said pay one lump sum and it will all be over. I didn't agree to that and stated that I had not received any statements from the credit card company in over 4 years. She said that because I knew I owed the debt it was my responsiblity to call the credit card company and ask for statements to be sent. Really does anyone do that? The bottom line is she said that now that they have the judgement in place that they had froze my checking account and will pursue with further legal action and she hung up.

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You need to find out who the heck this place is.. how they got judgment without a court date.

I dont see how you can just file a judgment unless they have a arbitration award against you...which you should have been notified of.

OR they are transferring judgment from one state to another.. which you could fight because you were never served for the previous.

You need to go to the courthouse and get copies of EVERYTHING that they have filed in your case and you also need to find out about having the judge stop them from takin your checking account info until you learn the truth of whats going on..

The others here can help you more than I but that is where I would start.

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