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I am not done with my credit repair journey yet, but I wanted to give an update of how effort and persistence pay off:

When I started on this journey both my DH and I had scores below 600, one was below 500. Our lowest score today is 650.

Here is a summary of the good stuff:

Sears (Citibank):

Sent two goodwill letters via planetfeedback. No answer, I was getting desperate because I just wanted to finish this and settle. Called the 1-800 group for charge off accounts, they were reporting a bankruptcy, charge off with a past due amount.

My experience with their 1-800 was horrible, they were rude, uncooperative, threatening. They refused to give me a fax number and only gave me their address after much persistence. After calling three times I decided to just send a check for the full amount and wrote them a letter summarizing my terrible experience with them and stating I would never do business with them again I also clearly stated that I paid in full and did not accept settlement (they were offering to reduce).

I then wrote another letter via planetfeedback and summarized my experience.

Well a couple of days later, I got a call from CITI presidential offices. They apologized stating there were various inconsistencies with the reporting, they also said they would delete any derogatory information from my credit report and sent me a letter stating this and updating to all credit bureaus.

I know have to follow up and ensure that the CRAs do their part.

TXU Electric - Sent four letters, the last one to their Corporate Office and they deleted the charge off from all accounts. It was an incorrect reporting.

JCPenney - sent me letter stating that I had paid off the account and in good standing.

RMA - reporting fraud account. I sent evidence to original creditor that it was not mine, threatened to sue which I was ready to do since I had not even lived at the state of the account and never had their services (BellSouth). Deleted account.

CPA - Sent me a letter stating they have requested twice for Transunion to delete the account. Transunion has been terrible, I think I ticked someone off but I am ready to sue since they have violated various FCRA laws by not investigated on time and updating my credit report even though I provided evidence and phone numbers to contact.

I guess I am on Transunion hit list since I am hung up on everytime I call. I am looking for the right lawyer since they have persistently and willfully violated my rights.

I have to say it has taken alot of time and at times has been frustrating, very very frustrating. But persistence and having documented evidence pays off.

Good luck with your efforts!

This board and Kristys book (I bought both) have been great help to me so I wanted to share!

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