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Judgements and SOL legal Q's

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Ok, Gang, here's a question for ya regarding judgements. For example, in Texas a judgment is good for 10 years and can be renewed each 10 years after that. I was wondering how it reports to the CB's, though. Given you have a judgement from company A. It reports to the CRA's for 7.5 years, and then falls of. At year 10, they renew, but the judgement shouldn't report again, right?

To color this in, I was speaking with the local idiots at a Credit consumer counseling place, not for me, but I was objecting to their existance and suggesting that they mainly serve to benefit the creditors not the consumers. They were suggesting that a renewed judgement comes back to life on your credit report, but that doesn't seem right. I thought 7 years was 7 years and that is it.

2nd Q. As far as SOL's go, are they absolute? Is there any reason that a SOL could be extended or is 4 years (tx) the limit? Say I get sued for a bunch of money, go join the French Foreign Legion, and then come back in 5 years. I am sure this is state dependent, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.

And for extra credit, speaking of the military and the legion, suppose you claim "exigent duty", which means your commander says you have a pressing military reason why you can't attend court, for a year. Suppose SOL runs out in 6 months, would you be in the clear?

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Being retired Military I can speak to this as I had to counsel many people about the Soldiers and Sailors civil releif act and being sued, etc.

They SOL in many places will stand still if you are unavailable to be sued. This can be triggered by simply "going to ground" and hiding out from any action, it depends on state laws regarding this.

In the case of claiming protection using the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act the SOL will stand still during your absence.

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