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Need Help with 2 NCO & RMA Urgently!


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I'm in the last stages of repairing my credit, but I have 2 NASTY CA's that I've been holding off until the end to fight. (These accounts are on my Equifax Report)

1) NCO - They appeared on my credit report due to a Sprint PCS bill that I never paid back in 2002. The amount due is $550. I can pay it with no problem, but I want to make sure it will be deleted and I've read on here how hard it is to get them to remove anything, so what do I do?

2) RMAPUR JAX JAXPUR - I don't know how they got to be a collector. They are appearing on my credit report as a OPEN ACCOUNT & a COLLECTION account. (see below). I don't know who the original creditor is and whoever they are, the account has got to be over 7 years old.

PLEASE HELP! ---Do I DV both of them? Do the 1-2 Punch?




DULUTH, GA 30096

(800) 552-780

Account Number Not on Record

Account Type Open Account

Credit Limit

(High Credit)


Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) $0

Date Opened Not on Record

Date of Last Activity December, 1997

Description Customer unable to locate consumer

Collection account

Last Report on October,

Balance: $1,253

Current status: 120+ days past due

Past Due Amount:$1,253

Recent Payment History

Seven Year Payment History

30 days late: 0

60 days late: 0

90+ days late:

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Re: NCO - work with Sprint directly. Keep writing Sprint until you find someone who agrees to recall the NCO collection and accept payment from you. Request they delete have NCO delete entry.

That other jumbled garble is RMA (Risk Management Alternatives). You need to check your state SOL first - the account is showing December 1997.

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