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Bank One updated and verified, where to go from here?


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I used the experian dispute system and it is updated and verified it says on the dispute report. I was able to get two things deleted that were duplicates and old.

Here is what I got from the dispute. One account says date last reported is 2-2002 and under balance recent payments it says $0 as of 2-2002/$19, but whats confusing is under the status it says Account charged off/past due 150 days. $63 written off. What should I make of this?

The big one is Bank One. For date of status it says 9-2000/2-2005. Does this mean they are using the more current date? Recent Balance is $3,966 as of 2-2005. Under status it says "This item was verified and updated on 1-2005."

Where should I go with these two. I tried to do the first one as paid, but it looks like it didn't work, but not sure. The Bank One debt I don't think is mine. How do I get them to verify that?

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