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No Inquiry Secured Card


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So they claim no credit check and guaranteed approval with a secured FDIC savings account. Maybe worth a look for some or a even a try for others, post back and let us know if it works if you decide to use them.

Try the links at the top of this page too of course they may have a better deal than this one.

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YW Rose :D

BTW here is a their response to my email 'I was probing to see if its actually legit'

The application we offer is for a secured credit card. This card helps you build up or re-establish your credit history by us reporting your positive card activity to all 3 major credit bureaus every month. You determine your credit limit by the amount you deposit in an FDIC insured account with New Millennium Bank. The minimum deposit before you receive a credit card is $300. The maximum you can deposit is $5,000. Your credit limit is equal to the amount you deposit. If it is easier for you to send it a little at a time, you may do so.

No credit check is required. You are approved if you are 18 years of age,

have a valid social security number and verifiable residence. Your

approval is also based on your agreement to open an FDIC insured bank

account with New Millennium Bank. This is your money and is held as

collateral to guarantee repayment of the credit extended through this

program. As you use your credit card no funds are withdrawn from your

security deposit and you receive monthly statements. Your payments on the card are reported monthly to the credit bureau agencies.

*See complete details on the reverse of the application under CREDIT LIMIT and GUARANTEED APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS.

If you are interested in our secured credit card offer, simply complete the

acceptance form and return with the required processing fee. You will then be sent your account materials to open your security deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will verify your information and issue the credit card to you.

To quickly obtain an application, you can print one out at

www.nmbonline.com If you would like to discuss this offer further, please

feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at (732) 729-4395.


Manager of Customer Care and Quality Control

New Millennium Bank

I'm actually thinking about getting a MC from them due to my fraud alert I can't do anything else, and I only have a Visa and no Master. :wink:

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