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Suing Transunion - Need Advice Urgently!

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I'll try to make this short.

In December 2004 I sent a dispute letter to Tranusnion with 10 disputes. On Jan 2005 they sent me an updated credit report where they state they only investigated 2 items.

I sent second letter with a copy of the orignal and CMMR copy and told them I was currently in the process of buying a house and the defamatory information they are reporting is adversely impacting my ability to purchase a home. I clearly stated their 30 days were up and I wanted the incorrect information deleted/corrected immediately.

Two weeks later I call their 800 number and explained the situation to one of the reps. She told me the items were under investigation. I explained that the time of the investigation had expired, she told me they did not have letters and that I had to call the PR office. I asked for the number she told me they did not have it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me if she could not help no one could. I told her it was the same company how was it possible for her not to have the number, she asked me if I was calling her a liar and hung up.

Called back asked to speak to a supervisor, they trasnferred me a voice mail came up and I left a message stating it was urgent.. had to finalize mortgage in a week.. Never heard back

In the meantime I get a letter in the mail stating that they are investigating but they would not investigate XX account since it was considered frivolous. I did not include this account in my letter.

Sent ITS letter URGENT to TU Philadelphia, California and Puerto Rico (since the letter I received was from California). Sent evidence of original creditors that I have had to investigate on my own, some are due to fraud and I have an alert on my file. One of my letters clearly states they have requested twice for TU to delete account (they mention Transunion and say they dont understand but they once again requested to delete. I also sent proof of the date I was closing on my mortgage.

The other letters from original creditors are clear they have incorrect information and basically say they have requested all CRA to remove all derogatory inf. and they apologize for inconvenience.

On Friday I was going to process my mortgage but I asked them to wait till I tried TU one more time. Went to their office here in Puerto Rico, showed them all the letters. They told me they did not understand what was happening, but could not help me since the accounts were under investigation and they do not work on these here, they investigate from California.

I sent e-mails to two transunion addresses I found on this site and a few days later simply got a generic response stating that due to the confidential inf I could not dispute by e-mail. I sent response I am not disputing.

On Friday I called again and after verifying the information they hung up twice.

In summary with all the evidence I have I believe I can prove Willfull and Negligent Non-Compliance with the law (various FCRA violations). I have sent my phone number with the letters and on the e-mails and have gotten no response.

I am currently looking for a lawyer, but should I sue here in Puerto Rico or in California.

Can anyone recommend a lawyer?

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