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Contact name at Providian


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Been reading the boards like mad for about 6 weeks now. Lots of great information. I've got my first round of disputes back with really great results (deleted BK off TU, multiple derogs deleted off all 3 CRA's). Now I'm working on the stuff that sticks a bit harder, Providian, Nextcard,Crap 1 , and a bank loan.

I will be sending an IIB letter to Providian and Nextcard (neither is showing IIB, I tried not mine but they didn't budge), asking for a delete from them, and I'm looking for an actual name of someone high up in each company to address each letter to. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Now, as for Crap 1 and the bank loan, both are listed as IIB. Any suggestions on what to do next? Tried not mine and they didn't budge. Should I try not mine again, citing some piece of info incorrectly reported or does anyone have another suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

"Hi my name is Kim and I'm a credit repair-aholic." :lol:

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