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It's Official!!! *Edited*


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One deletion... confirmed by Experian! Got the letter in the mail today. Although interestingly enough, they didn't send a copy of my credit report along with... should I fuss? (Is this something I would need to have in order to effectively dispute in the event of reinsertion? Or is the letter good enough?)

One small baby step... but feels like a mile! :):everybodyclap:

'bout 5 more to go between DH and me. I think I can... I think I can... I think I can... 8-)

Edited to add: Since I filed that dispute on the 24th of Feb. and deletion occured on March 1st- would it follow that I probably won't hear from the CA? I DV'd them 2/14- they received 2/16. I realise they've got plenty of time left in which to respond to my DV... but Experian came back with the deletion so quickly... does that mean the CA responded that they couldn't verify to Experian? (Else Experian would have waited a bit more time to hear back from the CA...)

Sorry to ramble!!!

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