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Student loan question.


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I posted this in the lawyer section, but haven't really gotten much feedback, so I thought I'd try here, maybe I was in the wrong section before. One of the things I'm looking for are the validation rules for CA's representing the Dept of Ed.

I've been looking for this situation here, but can't find anything relevant. I got a letter yesterday from my good 'ol payroll department telling me the Department of Education is taking money out of my check. Now I got a letter from Van Ru telling me about this "loan" in October '04 and wanting money, claiming they represent the Dept of Ed. I'm very skeptical to begin with because they are a CA, but I respond with a request for validation, no CMRRR. Didn't hear anything until Dec '04 with basically the same letter. 'We want money for the Dept of Ed'. So I send another validation request letter with the copy of the first letter, this time CMRRR (got the green card back). Have yet to hear anything from Van Ru or the Dept of Ed. But I now have the letter from my payroll dept saying they will take money to give to the Dept of Ed in March two months later.

The thing is, this same situation happened to me about 6 or 7 years ago, got letter from payroll saying they were gonna take money. I sent a pic of my drivers license with my signature to whoever it was that was saying I owed money (don't remember who), and hadn't heard anything about this until now. I guess I first have to find out if this is the same as that. That loan was originated way back in 1984, I think.

But my question is, who do I contact about this? Van Ru? Seems like the Dept of Ed would be the correct group. Doesn't Van Ru or the Dept of Ed first have to validate before wage attachment? I know normally a creditor would, but with a governmental agency you never know.

I know there is no SOL for student loans, or I'd just claim that and be done with this.

I probably should be more worried than I am, because I don't actually have any student loans, but this is apparently a governmental organization and only god knows what they are doing.

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