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After getting almost all my baddies off my CR, my report looked really thin. My DW has 7 immaculate tradelines from before we got married. I (like an idiot) convinced her to close all of them when we got married. All of them have closed for over 2 years, but I decided it was worth a shot. I wrote to all of them(in her name), at the Exec level, and asked to be added to my wife's closed accounts as a joint account holder. I also asked for them to report the account history on my credit reports. After the second round of letters, 2 out of 7 have been added to my reports. The accounts go back to '99 which gave me 2 more years of history that I did not have. I got a nice score boost from them. I am going on to the 3rd round. I don't think I will have success with 3 of the 7 for I have beat them on my own accounts. But that leaves 2 more that can be added. Worth a shot for someone with thin credit. Good Luck.

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