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Applied for Chase....getting nervous!

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So yesterday I applied for a Chase Platinum card. I know they pull TU for IL, so I checked my FICO and it was 710. Hopefully with a 710 there shouldnt be anything to worry about, but that whole 7-10 days to process deal is making me nervous!

Anyone have anything similar? I know it doesn't say anything about instant approval online so I'm hoping the 7-10 days doesn't mean I'm toast.

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Hi cleanup...strange that they gave you such a low limt!!

I have had my Chase Plat for less than a year. I cannot remember who they pulled, but all 3 of my Fico's were in the mid to high 600's.

I was given a $4500 limit and an auto increase in less than 6 months up to $6000

They have been great to work with..easy online payments and customer service...

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I applied and had no luck :( I applied for the platinum card, which was not my intent to begin with, how I missed that I don't know. :oops:

Reason for denial: Utilization of revolving credit is too high huh? xshotx I am well below 20% utilization.

Length of revolving History is too short: Ok I can't fight that, all my old accounts have now dropped off.

Even Patelco denied me :cry: payment history with us is too short try again in 6 months.

I'm trying to transfer my dell balance to avoid paying the high finance charges so I can get it paid up in 4-6 months and having no luck. :roll:

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You're going to be hard-pressed to get a CLI right from the get-go with CHASE.

Nah....I'm fairly easy. :cool::wink:

Not touchiung that!

When I got mine, I was approved for $1500 and was approved for a $1000 CLI before I even got the card. I had a FICO of 682.

HUH?!??! That's bizarre for CHASE!

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Hey guys, a bit of an update.

So I got the approval for the $500. The card came in the mail and before I activated it, I called the # and told them I had a pre-approved offer from city for a minimum of $2000. So, they said they could process it without another pull and without activating the card. Well I got approved for a $1500 increase which isnt bad before I even activated the card!

Might work for some others out there too.

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