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a little confused...

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I read this on the sticky titled "Credit Scoring 101".

Bankruptcy: Chapters 7, 11, and 12 remain for 10 years from the filing date. Chapter 13 remains seven years from the filing date. Accounts included in bankruptcy will remain seven years from the date they were reported as included in the bankruptcy.

Can someone tell me where I can find info to back this up? I've read thru the FCRA and I can't find anything to support that statement. I have an 8 year old BK-13 listed on one CR (the other 2 have let it drop) that I just can't seem to get rid of. If I can find some supporting info, maybe I would have a little leverage.

TIA! :wink:

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Ok, I read thru it again and this is all I could find...

§ 605. Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports [15 U.S.C. § 1681c]

(a) Information excluded from consumer reports. Except as authorized under subsection (B) of this section, no consumer reporting agency may make any consumer report containing any of the following items of information:

(1) Cases under title 11 [united States Code] or under the Bankruptcy Act that, from the date of entry of the order for relief or the date of adjudication, as the case may be, antedate the report by more than 10 years.

(2) Civil suits, civil judgments, and records of arrest that from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limitations has expired, whichever is the longer period.

(3) Paid tax liens which, from date of payment, antedate the report by more than seven years.

(4) Accounts placed for collection or charged to profit and loss which antedate the report by more than seven years.(1)

(5) Any other adverse item of information, other than records of convictions of crimes which antedates the report by more than seven years.1

So, am I reading it right? They can report it for 10 years? If they can report it for 10 years, why have the other 2 CRAs let it drop? I never disputed it, it just disappeared.

Also, if the 10 years is correct, where did the other info in the sticky post come from?


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