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Masking an inq

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Anyone have any idea what the effect of masking an inq would be? I have one creditor that pulled a hard inq on my credit report, and when I called them on it, they said they had a PP for the management of the account.

The story is that I guess this creditor gets an alert when a consumers FICO drops below X. They got the alert, pulled hard inq, and closed my account. I had a 0 balance, so no great loss, except for my utilization but I don't want the hard inq there. I guess an AR inq has less info than a full inq. They also say in the account agreement that they can reveiw a copy of CB report at any time.

Speaking with the executive desk, they are teetering on the edge of getting some formal paperwork from me, but if masking the inq will reduce the effect to my score, I'll accept that.


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Yeah, but here's the thing, if they want to do an account review, that is fine. It should just be reported as such, not a hard inq. By reporting a hard inq, they are reporting inaccurate info.

I called the CB in question, and they said that masking an inq will effectively remove it, so that should have a positive effect on my score.

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