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woo hoo got my first deletions


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I just recieved the results of the disputes I made (on line disputes) with equifax. I originaly disputed 4 ca account and one state tax lien, and 1 30, 60 day late.

results are

act#179xxxxx this item has been deleted. was a $26 verizon account from 2004

act#v000xxxxxxxxx this item has been deleted. was a $650 medical bill from 2001( funny The ca on this one validated this account with me and I am in the process of negotiating a settle for delete. lol. )

act# public tax lien equfax verified that this account belongs to me but it has been updated to paid (any ideas how to get this deleted?)

act#5178xxxxxxxxx the status of this account has been updated the prior paying history has been updated. this was a 30,60late on a crap 1 card that is an open account( im not sure what they updated it to. I will have to check and see.

also my address was updated

the other 3 colection accounts cme back verified but im working on those with the ca.

any advice?

also i am signed up with fico score watch but have never recieved any alerts yet. whats the deal im woried they are not monetering

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ok Im a little disapointed

I pulled my eqifax report the collection acounts were deleted and the tax lien was updated to paid but they didnt change any thing on the 30,60 late on crap one my score actuly went down to 629

can any one tell me why my score would drop 1 point? i was hopping it would go up!

and still no alerts from my fico score watch

what gives

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