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Countrywide and FCRA violation

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OK here's the sit-rep:

I refinanced my home loan on September 23 last year.

Recission period ended on September 28.

Funding occurred on September 28.

Payoff was wired to Countrywide on September 29.

Wire transfer was confirmed the morning of September 30.

Countrywide posted a 30day late on my credit report, claiming payment was received after October 1.

I got a copy of the wire transfer confirmation today and it reads Sept 30 CONFIRMED RECEIPT.

I was declined a $25,000 SBA loan because of the late pay on my credit report.

Countrywide has refused in writing and in two phone calls to correct the error.

So what do the lawyers think about this one?

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I'm about ready to send a letter to their legal division. I have a name and address. Calling was somewhat disconcerting. As with any big business you get the automated answer system...but with CW's law department their system says the following:

Press 1 if you know your party's extension

Press 2 if you would like to notify us of a subpeona


Geez. Right on the main menu is a place to tell them you're dragging their asses into court.

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Applied for Mortgage with them.

Never got a denial notice in the mail.. never heard from them after the rep working our application had a heart attack.

Lawyer thought it was a good case.

They sent him a copy of our Adverse Action notice.. NO ADDRESS WHATSOEVER.

Slam dunk ECOA right??

Lawyer wouldn't argue it and we had to let it go.

I wiould LOVE to pursue it but.. eh.. what do I know?

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