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I have two accounts on my CR's that show open dates and status dates of early 2004. Both of these CA accounts reference companies that I had dealings with. One is for Cox cable and the other is for Bally Total Fitness. Both went derog with the original companies in 1999.

My question is, when does the SOL from these accounts begin. Is it back in 1999 when they went derog or is it in early 2004 when the accounts were placed on my credit by the CA's? I am assuming htat Cox and Bally's sold the accounts or hired the CA's to collect and wither the accoutns changed hands several times or they waited until 2004 to place them on my reports. If the SOl started in 1999, how can I get proof that is when they went derog to follow up on this next year? Maybe I can get documentation from COx and Bally's or DV them. Sorry I am new to this.

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