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Cap one not so crap afterall


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ok so I had a 30 day late in sept 04 and 60 day late in november reported to the cra. I disputed with the cra and it came back verrified.

so yesterday I sent a goodwill letter to

Richard D Fairbank, CEO

Capital One Financial

2980 Fairview Park Drive

Suite 1300

Falls Church, VA 22042via planet feedback

via planet feedback. The letter explained that I had moved and changed my address with cap 1 but my account was not updated properly and i did not recieve my billing blah blah and to please remove the lates.

today I recieved this email from cap 1

Dear David

Thank you for contacting Capital One. We will be glad to assist you with

this matter; however, we are unable to do so via e-mail. Please call our

Customer Relations Department at 1-800-955-7070 (1-804-747-7200 if you are

overseas). Our representatives are available 24 hours every day for your


Since regular electronic correspondence is not a secure method of

contacting us and we wish to protect the integrity of your account

information, Capital One prefers to discuss personal and account-specific

questions by telephone rather than by e-mail. We assure you that all other

electronic contact with us such as viewing your statements and making

payments is secure.

We look forward to speaking with you.


M. Rigsby


Capital One Services®

Visit us online at http://www.capitalone.com, where you can access valuable

products and services.

Original Message Follows:


Type of Feedback: Question

Feedback Category: Billing/Payment

David has elected to use PlanetFeedback -- the nation's leading

consumer feedback service -- to communicate with you.

PlanetFeedback offers best-in-class tools to help companies generate

intelligence from consumer feedback. If you would like information about

our feedback solutions or Internet-monitoring services, please contact us

at 1-888-333-3222. Thanks!

I was like great a form letter but i called anyway it was the normal cap 1 number and i wasnt expecting any help. When i spoke to the rep and explained the situation he was aware of my letter and cap one took full responsibilty for the billing problems he appoligized three or four times for the error they made he told me that the lates would be reported as paid on time and all the late fees i paid would be credited to my account.

I asked if he could send a letter stating this he typed one while i was on the phone and told me he would fax it to my office within 24 hours. At the end of the conversation he even started telling me how he wished he could pay his ballances of every month like i do

wow just thought id share

I believe this was a result of sending a letter via planet feedback

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I had the exact situation. I did not send a letter, I just called the 800 number. I got a letter stating the agreement that they would delete the lates and refund the late charges.

After about two weeks the lates were deleted and my account was refunded for the late charges.

So you can be farely sure it will work out the same for your.

Great Job!

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