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What We've Learned!


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One of the first things I learned was that Acronyms are used here extensively and all these informative posts began to read a lot easier after I printed out the list from here: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=247970 and kept it handy while gettin' educated! :cool:

YES that's very true!

I've learned PERSITENCE IS KEY. If you want something, KEEP AT IT. If it was simple, everyone would have perfect scores.

CAs LIE. They LIE and CHEAT uninformed consumers. FIGHT BACK!

The lessons I've learned by improving my credit have been lessons I'll keep with me for a long time! The knowledge I've gained (and will no doubt continue to gain) I will "pay forward" and teach others - it's only fair.

And when my credit is good enough for a house and all my baddies are gone - I'm throwing a party and Y'all are invited!!!

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Chaudhry v. Gallerizzo doesn't work as a defense in favor of collection agencies or JDB's. By taking certain parts of that case out of context (heavily skewed in their favor of course) agencies thought they had a defense for lack of documentation validating a debt, claiming a dispute to be frivolous, etc.

This is completely wrong! in fact the only thing it might do is upset a judge when they realize that the agency / JDB is simply attempting to control argument, a known tactic regarding applicability of case law that many judges will frown on.


Timely vs. Untimely IMO, the same is true with validation or verification, whether within the 30 days or not, I'm a firm believer that all debts will need to be either verified or validated otherwise these agencies could just print up bills like counterfeit money and send them to whom ever they please. - think about this for a minute.

In my education opinion the 30 days is an opportunity in which the debt cannot be reported to a credit reporting agency allowing the consumer to request validation & or verification of the debt. That doesn't mean after that initial 30 day period we have no rights remaining to do the same, it simply means that they can report the debt after that period if the consumer doesn't request validation with in that time frame, who ever thinks they (agencies & JDB's) can ignore a DV after that period may simply be using Jedi mind tricks hoping that unknowing and ignorant agencies may be here reading and being fed bad information so they can be set up for law suit. ;)


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  • Set mini goals, none of this happens overnight. My ultimate goal is to stay and be debt free less a mortgage.
  • You can’t be made to feel inferior without your consent. Your credit score is not you.
  • Knowledge is power! CA’s are concerned about the informed consumer. Moreover, comprehensive didactic message boards such as this concern them. I would recommend visiting a debt collector’s board or two. Know thy adversary- you won’t need to read long. :twisted:
  • Guard your land line phone number as you would your family jewels. Never, ever talk to a CA. If you somehow find yourself goat roped into speaking w/them, have a technique to control the conversation and its ending.
  • Keeping your credit separate from your spouse/significant other (to the extent possible), albeit by chance or design, is a good thing.
  • I learned to live without credit. There is an empowering goldmine at the end of the tunnel. That being freedom from a life of financial servitude and disposable income in your pocket. If I don’t have the cash I can’t afford it. Ask yourself, should the financial bottom fall out can I survive? Two major hurricanes within 10 months, the world stopped and I lived in the stone-age. I survived. You can too!
  • My credit scores suck and I don’t care :lol: Actually, I do care but I can live with it because I can live without it.
  • Sometimes it is better to let a sleeping dog lay.
  • Organize yourself, save and document everything, correspond in writing if you must.
  • I still have much to learn that is why I am here. My next goal is to clean up my CR’s. The dogs have overslept on every alleged debt.

~ He who borrows sells his freedom ~

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Rebuilding Credit is not as difficult as I thought. There is tons of great information and you have to spend time and read it. Everyday you will learn something here that will help you clean up your mess. People will help you with specific question but no one will do your work for you so read up buddy.

Cards and Merchant I have found that are easy to acquire credit from:


Capital One Auto

Harlem Furniture


Good Luck

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I discovered this website in May and I thank God everyday. At first I was afraid even to dispute online.

I researched and read everything I could. Sent out letters and tried not to let little setbacks keep me down.

I haven't completely got there but ......

I have delete a ton of inquires, I have gotten rid of bunch of CA's (some that sent me letters which I responded to before the 30 days were up) as well as a few OC's.

I have gotten many off (all of which were within SOL). I only have a few remaining.

Before this website, I would freak out every time I got a letter from a CA. Now I know what to do and know why I need to address the letter before it gets onto my CR.

Don't give up!

Oh - and the importance of insurance (even if you are single, especially if your single, get the best disability insurance or critical illness insurance you can afford).

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I was afraid of my debt, I was ashamed I had 6 collection accounts...and many more that fell off in the 10 years I have not had any credit. I quit applying for credit as mine was so bad....

I realized I was not in as bad of shape as others here have been, I took comfort in the fact I was not alone

I faced my debt and disputed every loophole I could find. I kept the heat on by following the process and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought I would never have credit again and I could live without it...now it's my choice...cash or charge. And when I do feel guilty for using the card...I run home and post a payment online and I feel better.

I have learned I have control...though I never knew it.

I have a choice to remain debt free for the rest of my life or to degrade myself again and dive in head first....I like debt free better.

Theres nothing I need or want, I have everything paid off...

I now have a squeaky clean report with several new cards and I'm happy...good credit is sexy. :)++

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Don' despair...CH 7 is NOT the end of the world!!

Filed in July 2005...discharged in Sept 05...had an Orchard Bank CC in Oct 05...

Best advice is start your credit repair NOW!! DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE!!!

Don't give up and eventually you WILL see your light at the end of the tunnel. Just don't screw up your second chance...make every payment on time to every creditor!! It will take a while but eventually you will raise your FICO and score!!

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I learned the following:

  1. Although CA's are a pain in the @ss and not fun to deal with, most of the people who work in the call center aren't the @ssholes. They just work there to get a paycheck - it's their bosses that need to be dealt with.
  2. Sending faxes to CA's does work and can be used, provided that you print out the transaction report showing that the fax was transmitted and received. CMRRR's are better, but faxing is okay too.
  3. Do not trust everything that you read on every single credit repair board on the internet. People's information is subjective and can be totally biased. What works for one person may not work for another and tactics posted may not necessarily be legal. If your gut tells you not to do something that you've read, don't do it. Your credit is already bad enough, why would you want to risk getting busted for manipulating the system?
  4. Having a color-coded folder system for my credit repair was one of the smartest things I could've ever done.
  5. Although my credit wasn't the greatest and I filed for a CH7, my credit wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be. The repair process has been much easier than I anticipated and there are companies out there who are willing to give credit to those who prove their worthiness.
  6. Crown Jewelers is a blessing for those who need a positive tradeline, but their products are pure crap. You may think the ring you ordered is genuine sterling silver, but after your finger turns a disgusting shade of green, you realize that it isn't sterling after all. This is only furthered by putting the ring in water and watching it float around the sink. Sterling Silver is code for plastic.
  7. Sometimes going to the Office of the President of a credit card company is one of the best ways to succeed when you've been denied for silly reasons or treated like a piece of poop because of your credit.

And, last but not least...

It took me over 10 years to get myself into this situation. I've put in the time, taken notes and learned everything that I can (which continues daily) to help myself. In two months...I've watched my scores jump. I've watched accounts get deleted. I've gotten new TL's. I learned the difference between FICO and FAKO. And I learned that part of dealing with my past is putting forth the effort to fix it - and that is the most rewarding part of it all.

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I posted this in another thread yesterday, but it bears repeating here...

Closing your accounts is one of the WORST things you can do for your scores.

Do NOT believe the myth that you should close unused accounts, or that closing accounts once they're paid off is wise. IT'S NOT. Longstanding open accounts, especially with low utilization, are credit score GOLD.

You have nothing to gain by stopping your credit history in its tracks. There's no reason at all to close accounts, especially longstanding ones, if you only have a few accounts on your reports. It's shooting yourself in the foot. Keep them open, use them sparingly, and keep building a positive history. You'll also raise your utilization (and thus lower your scores) if you only have one open card.

Remember that the main goal is to HAVE credit (for strategic purposes), not to rely on it. You can have open cards. But you don't have to run them up.

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Don't attempt to engage in credit repair over the phone. Your emotions will get the better of you, and you'll likely respond in a way that you won't like later. Far better to use online disputes, Snail Mail or faxes. At least it's been that way for me. Others might be cool, calm and reserved enough to do it over the phone, but even if you urinate icecubes the odds are good that you won't get through to the person who needs to hear your dispute, recon or GW when you call.

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How did you get your credit score to jump so fast? Where do I start reading all the nuggets??

I have just started disputing things in my credit report and researching.



Welcome Ava! :)++

You might want to start a new thread under "credit repair" You will get many more to chime in.

Also, in response to your question. Here is a great place to start! Credit repair

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Guest Shanti

This is my first post...I'm so happy to have found this forum!

A few days ago, I emailed a friend and shared my situation and my Equifax credit score, which is 533. He shared a link to this forum, and I immediately felt a sense of relief. I've been reading and learning, and I'm just so grateful that I don't have to reinvent the wheel in order to get back to the place where I belong - the place where credit scores start with the number 7.

Plus, I really like the smilies here -


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Clean up your old information first with the CRA's (credit reporting agencies)


Dispute every negative OC TL (trade line) with the CRA's on your reports (not mine or similar)

then wait for results from CRA's

look for genuine errors from the OC's (original creditors) on your report (wrong balance, no DOFD, ect) and dispute with CRA's first!!!!!!!! if verified then 623 letters to OC's,

then dispute with CRA again..........


Do the same steps for the CA's (Collection agencies) On collection accounts, MAKE SURE enough time has passed (SOL) so you don't get sued! Accounts under SOL leave them alone if you wish (SOL is statute of limitations on a debt)


Once you have several violations on the OC's, CA's, and CRA's, blast them with ITS letters (intent to sue)

Watch the negatives falloff your reports

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