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California Credit Report Security Freeze Web Site

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The place-a-security-freeze-on-your-credit-report web site is now open

I have setup a web site to help facilitate people exercising their right to put a security freeze on their credit reports. This gives consumers an enormous privacy boost and can help prevent identify theft. I have documented step by step how to go about doing this. I have also created a nifty web form for generating the letters you have send out to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. I have also put up PDF envelopes with the addresses on them so that the envelopes can be easily printed. After talking on the phone with all three credit bureaus to check my facts I can safely testify that they really don’t want consumers to get a hold of this information. I have also found links on Experian’s and Transunion’s web sites relating to the process, which are nearly impossible to find if you just go to there web sites.

Please visit my web site I am anxious to get some feedback, I truly believe that I am filling a void in the ability for consumers to easily freeze their credit reports. The site is currently geared toward California residents, but I am planning on extending the content to include the process for the other “freezable” states such as Texas.

Thanks Much

Stop Identify theft! Protect your privacy! Exercise your right to put a security freeze on your credit reports!

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