CRA Retaliation Tactics -- How do you amend it to your suit?

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Here's a hypothetical question...

I sue the CRA. They get angry and reinsert a bunch old, dusty crap on my report. I want to amend my complaint to ding them on the retaliation because I think it's wrong.

1. They've inconvenienced me, but assuming they reinsert valid stuff and notify me within 5 days, what law have they broken, if any?

2. Also, is there a limit to amount time they have to reinsert a "deleted" or "blocked" item? For instance, if I had some stuff "deleted" 2 years ago, can they still reinsert after all this time?

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Under the newly revised FCRA, the bureaus now have an obligation to prevent "repollution" of a consumer's report with previously deleted information. Theya re required to obtain, from the furnisher, an affidavit certifying that the information is correct before they can reinsert anything previously deleted. In an action against a CRA they would have to show that they had such certification fromt eh furnisher to escape liability. I doubt eOscar verification would count as no one is putting their name to certifying it is correct.

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