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I disputed an old Value City Furn. account with the CRA that I settled and paid back in 2001.

On EX it says.....

status : PAID/PAST DUE 120 days . In the creditors statement it says .... account legally paid in full for less than full balance. and then its last reported in 10/2001 .

ON EQ......

Current status over 120 days past due

Account paid 0 bal.

settlement accepted on this account


Pay status...charged off as bad debt

remarks....settled less than full balance

past due $0

balance : $304.00 .....( why is that there if it says past due 0 :?: )

date closed 5/2001

I have been checking my dispute status online with EX and it no longer says under investigation , and its still on the report , so im assuming for now they varified it somehow. Im still waiting to see what the other two say. Hopefully one will delete and I can try asking how one CRA got verification when the others couldn't.

Aside from that happening , From what I listed is there anything I could use next that is inaccurate or that they reported wrong to get it deleted ? Im not sure if anything is wrong inhow its reported or not .

Also even though this is a settlement I paid it to Value City FUrn. not a CA .( unless they were a collection division inside VCF, but its still listed as VCF on my CR ) I know you can't DV and OC because they don't have to respond. . So what can I do next ? Do I send a request for all my records on the account or a Cert. of distruction to see if they can in fact verify it ? Or do I call the CRA and ask how the account was verified.

So far this is the first one that I have disputed with the CRA that came back verified . So Im not sure what to do now :dunno:


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I would send TU another letter. This time asking for their method of verification. They have 15 days to reply to this kind of disclosure. In the unlikely event that they actually answer your procedure request you should be able to pinpoint exactly what they did to verify. If they don't give you the procedure they used, then you can use that as another violation.

By building up documentation showing that they are just not investigating properly you stand a better chance down the road of getting it corrected and making them pay out for the problems they are causing.

You can already show that the original balance is wrong just by producing your loan papers. As for the other items that are wrong, simple mathematics covers that.

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OK , I will send of the method of verification letter CMRRR to TU , I think im done disputing online. I can't seem to get the hang of the web site. It never lets me dispute or check status of anything.

Also , I don't have original loan papers from VCF anymore. It was bought on a value city credit card at the time, and when we moved alot of papers were lost. Do I write a letter to the furn. store or their CC dept. and ask for copies of my records and payments. Or do I just send the letter to TU ? and leave it at that for now.

After it went into the VCF collections dept. I settled it for less than full bal. , I have a copy of the check they were sent by the home equity co. we were using at the time , but thats all I have .

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Methuss ...... ( or anyone :) )

I wanted to ask about Method of verification. I disputed with EXP have not received an email or anything in the mail about them verifing the account ( Im guessing they will wait for the 45 days to tell me anything ) I just know they did because I pulled up the CR online and its still there and the status page I printed says remains.

So Do I go ahead and send the method of verification now even though I haven't offically received anything from them ? I disputed it on the 8th and it was put into inv. and by the 10th it was no longer invest. and says remains.

Do I wait for something offical from them or send method of verification to EXP right now based on the printed online summary I have ?

also since its a free report they still only have 15 days to reply to it ? or do they get longer ?

I asked the question about 45+ days to respond to a free report on another post , and im pretty sure since it was free , they have 45+5 days to respond to the inital dispute...but what about all other things like MOV and such . Is that still on the same time limit as the regular non free reports ?

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