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American Pacific Bank

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I'm a little over 2 years post-Chapt. 7, and have had their card a little less than 2 years. Other than the lack of online access, they have been really good. They report to all 3 CBs each month and gave me the promised unsecured credit line increase (25%, up to $500) after 9 months.

At 18 months, you are eligible for an account review to get an unsecured card. I sent a request and 2 weeks later, they made their decision. It was a No, but they told me the criteria:

Debt-to-Income (including rent/mortgage, student loans, CCs, etc) of less than 40%


An average CB score of 680-700.

I just barely missed both of those. I'm up for a raise at work soon and she said my scores were rapidly increasing, so I know it won't be much longer.

I just wanted to make my first post useful by sharing my positive experience with them and let everyone know the criteria.


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I couldn't agree more. I have multiple posts on this site recommending their card. They gave me a $300 secured card two weeks after BK7 which boosted my score enough to get unsecured credit. The card is great to use, but no online access is kind of a hassle. Beware, East Coasters- the card has a west coast address, and for some reason it takes MANY days for their bill to reach me and for my payment to reach them. This month, I received my bill on March 3rd, when it was due March 14th. Fortunately, I gotten in the habit of sending full payments to them the day I use the card so I just shredded the bill when it came.

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