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Please help me with this acount


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Credit Grantor Contact Information

Not on record

Account Number Not on record

Account Type Revolving

Credit Limit

(High Credit)


Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) $98

Date Opened May, 1997

Date of Last Activity July, 1999

Description Credit Card

Amount in H/C column is credit limit

Last Report on January, 2000

Balance Current status Past Due Amount

$1,049 120+ days past due $85

Recent Payment History

Seven Year Payment History

30 days late: 2

2 30 days delinquent 60 days late: 1

10/1999 90+ days late: 2



What the heck does this mean? It says Fleet CC in the Account Summary at myfico.com. Is it closed&chargeoff, or are they keeping it open? Whi do I contact and what should be ny next move?


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Dispute with every CRA that has it listed. If they indeed do not have the contact information for the creditor, they won't be able to verify and the tradeline gets deleted and then you are done. If that doesn't happen you can then check back with us and get your next move.

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Another follow up question:

I have not lived in the States for 6 years, and still living abroad. The address listed with CRAs is obsolete. I probably should update it first, but the only address I have available is a PO box (somestreet suite #xxxx)

To update the address, would CRAs require some kind of proof? How would I be able to provide that since I don't have any utility bills etc at my P.O box?

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look at my entire record:

Account Type Company Account Number Date Opened Balance

Open Account AAC Not on record Not on record $x,xxx

Open Account AFNI-BLOOM Not on record Not on record $x,xxx

Revolving CHASE NA Not on record 5/1994 $x,xxx

Revolving CHASE NA Not on record 12/1993 $0

Revolving FLEET CC Not on record 5/1997 $x,xxx

Revolving UNIONPLNTR Not on record 9/1996 $0

No acct numbers on record on any of them. No "date opened" on 2 first ones. And all of them are showing Credit Grantr Contact Info as "not on file"

This is through myfico..Equifax report.

How about that?

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WFT!!! Just signed up for PG thanks to Champion80 posting a link in another thread. So, now I find out that there ARE account numbers listed for all accounts. And I find MANY more entries than what was in the myfico report!

BUT, and here is the thing: There is no mention of DOLA on the PG reports, but there is a "Date Open" on all of them. And that date is on most collection accts set to a date in 2002-2003 range.

I have not made any pmts since 1999.

Is this re-aging?

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