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Two Years of Work

Northern Lights

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Hello, since coming to this board and reading on the Info Center, this is what I have accomplished in the past two years since 2003.

Experian--11/2003--16 negative accounts(including a repo)--15 in good standing

Experian--01/2004--11 negative accounts--5 removed(repo removed)

Experian--03/2004--09 negative accounts--2 removed

Experian--07/2004--07 negative accounts--2 removed

Experian--07/2004--CREDIT PLUS SCORE 586

Experian--12/2004--06 negative accounts--1 removed

Experian--02/2005--05 negative accounts--1 removed

Experian--02/2005 CREDIT PLUS SCORE 601

Experian-03/2005 MY FICO SCORE--661

Experian--started with no score in 2003-then 586 in 2004-to 601 in 2005 with a fico score of 661 for 03/2005

Transunion--11/2003--20 negative accounts(including repo)

Transunion--01/2004--06 negative accounts--14 removed(including repo) my best deletions to date on one request letter to Transunion.

Transunion--03/2004--CREDIT SCORE 481

Transunion--04/2004--04 negative accounts--2 removed

Transunion--07/2004--Still 04 negative accounts

Transunion--07/2004--CREDIT SCORE 529

Transunion--02/2005--03 negative accounts--1 removed

Transunion--02/2005--Still 3 negative accounts trying my best to remove but CREDIT SCORE JUMPED TO 641

Transunion--03/2005--MY FICO SCORE 667 another jump at least for Fico

Transunion--started with no score in 2003-then 481 in 2004 to 529 in 2004 to 641 in 2005 and finally 667 with my fico score.

Equifax--11/2003--2 collection accounts--16 negative accounts for a total of 18 negative accounts.

Equifax--02/2004--1 collection account removed--6 negative accounts removed--10 negative accounts remain plus 1 collection.

Equifax--03/2004--1 collection account removed-1 negative account removed

Equifax--07/2004--5 negative accounts remain all others removed.

Equifax--12/2004--5 negative accounts still remain as verfied.

Equifax--01/2005--tried again 1 negative account remove.

Equifax--02/2005--all inquiries removed after speaking with rep.

Equifax--03/2005--did online dispute for first time awaiting results.

This has been a long and worth while battle, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I got myself in this mess, and I will hopefully get myself out of it. It feels great to this point, and my recent Fico scores that I purchase with the discount from reading this board, has given me a better incentive to continue on, and maybe reach the 700 club. :p

Current Fico Scores: :p




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Northern Lights!!!!! That is wonderful news! Congrats on all of your successes!!! :D :D :D :D :everybodyclap: :everybodyclap: :everybodyclap: :everybodyclap: Keep up the great work and I bet you will be in the 700 club in No time at all! Wahoooooo! Thank you for sharing that with us.. stories like these keep us all going! Keep us posted! Good Luck! -Jenn

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I just started this process. Its good to see someone getting such great results...you've inspired me to keep at it , even though sometimes I feel like the slow kid in the class trying to understand this stuff :wink: My dh said I remind him of " Ralph Wiggum" from the simpsons when I sit at the computer with a look of confussion on my face :?

GREAT JOB !! :twothumbsup:

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Ok gang, I am almost at the end of the tunnel. I am currently down from 20 negative listings to just 2 remaining :D

I was fighting midland for the longest time and finally I had two of their accounts deleted from my credit report after they failed to answer my DV letter. I sent all the copies to CRA and they had both accounts removed. :wink:

I now have two accounts remaining one being Providian which was charged off five years ago and Wachovia Bank in which I just settled for less then the full amount. The only way I could win that battle, due to the amount owed.

Anyone with additional input to help with Providian? The listing states paid 0 balance transfer/sold account!! Thanks Again

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