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HSBC BANK NV FKA HHL reinsertion...


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This is a household bank account that was won in a dispute as not mine and randomely appeared in early march! :shock:

I'm not too concerned but it has drug my scores down a bit.

I contacted everyone and thier mother at HHLD along with EQ and EX.

I explained to the 2 CRA's that I already won this dispute, received no written notification from either the CRA nor OC of reinsertion as per 611 of FCRA and demanded removal. :twisted:

So far! They are still there.

I even faxed EQ a copy of my purchased direct score power from 1 day before reinsertion to show it was not htere and they still have it as a delinquent. They did update the cute little circles under expaining your payments from C/O to OK... How sweet!

Any other ideas???? :twisted:

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Seems like Eq. did you a favor, no? <- Thinks Eq. is easy to deal with

Sounds like you know what to do, I would personally find the original reports that I received showing the deletes, and in my letter site the section and ask for an immediate delete, or potentially face suit for wilful violations. <- Had to ad something mindful.

Otherwise people will accuse me of working for Equifax. ROFL

G/L any ways

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