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Date of First Deliquency?


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I have an account that is now past the statue of Limitations ( I think). I was making reqular payments on my morgage and became deliquent in 98, I caught up but fell back in payments and became deliquent again in 2001. My question is, from what date does the Statue of Limitations start, would it be 98 or 2001? Confused because I did catch up in payments but fell behind again! :oops:

Thanks you all

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> Okay, this is the deal.


> I was late and missed a couple of months payments

> I pulled my retirement out and got caught up. That was in 97.

> Then I got behind again and didn't have anywhere to

> pull from, so rather than lose my house, I decided

> to file bankruptcy to keep it. During this time, my

> lawyer told me that I would not pay on my mortgage

> until Chase came up with an agreement for me to pay.


> Well it was determined that I would pay $300+ to the

> Court for Bankruptcy for the next 5 years and

> continue

> with my regular mortgage payments. I setup an

> automatic payment from my payroll to go directly to

> the court.(June 1998)


> Then I left Verizon(June 2000) and went to work with

> Nortel. I forgot to alert the court that I was

> changing jobs and forgot to setup the payroll

> allotment. (You know, out of sight out of mind) I

> got behind two months and then got it caught up.

> Then somehow I got behind in my mortgage again(January

> 2001). This time Chase wanted all the arrears paid

> up. My lawyer set up a double payment arrangement

> for about 7 months. And of course I still didn't setup

> the payment allotment for the court and it went into

> default again (March 2001). This time the court

> issued a dismissal for the Bankruptcy and I was no

> longer protected. Chase sent back my mortgage

> checks for July 2001, August 2001 and September 2001 in

> October 2001.


> That's when I started looking to move. VA sent me a

> letter stating that I could stay in the house if I

> came up with $19,000+ by the end of January. I

> didn't have the money and therefore I defaulted on the

> loan.

> End of story. The house was auctioned in March 2002 I believe.

Just pulled my report and Chase Manhattan Mortgage shows up just under Experian as Open Account…………Balance of $156,468.…………Past due $12,507.…………Pay Status is Current. Can ANYONE help me here…Can I DV them, is it a legit listing……Fired my lawyer, no help at all…Thanks to anyone and all for any input… :!:

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So basically, you filed a BK 13 in 1998 which was then dismissed in 2001. Chase sold the house, but are still on your report.

First, I think, you need to find out how much you owed Chase at the time, and how much they sold the house for. I'm pretty sure you're liable for the difference...and I'm not sure if there's an SOL that applies to that.

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