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? about disputes & validation

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i recently sent validation letters to several collections that i found on my credit reports. i also disputed all these through tu,ex, & eq. transunion removed almost everything except 1 item. i looked yesterday at expeiran and it is showing remaing for 1 of my collections. I sent the letter to the collections feb 7. and have heard nothing back from them. (this one in particular is pcs financial- from a vaccum cleaning company that my ex husband purchased while we were legally seperated)

So my question is should i send another lettre? and why did they remove it from transunion and keep it remaining on experian?

thanks so much for any advice?


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I'm not sure if someone else has answered this elsewhere, but I hate to see a "0 replies" hanging out there...

The whole credit reporting / collection agency game doesn't have any logic to it. Some CRA "verifiy" data by having their computer ask the other guys computer if they have xxxx account...the other guys says "yep", so its verified. Never touched by human hands.

Some CAs report to one agency and not others...some CAs won't do any more work than they're absolutely compelled to, so they fix one and ignore the others.

Some CRA update daily...others weekly...some when the mood hits them.

Bottom line...DV again, pointing out that they are still reporting to EX and it isn't marked "in dispute" and you may be forced to sue if they don't get off your credit reports.

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