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Hey everybody,

Well finally filed, got my case number today.

I am a bit nervous being as how I filed Pro Se no asset. The guy at the courthouse said he was impressed by my paperwork (neater than most attorneys) and I had everything filled out correctly.

Anyways, I am a bit nervous now. Since I had to include a diskette with my creditors, does this mean they send the notices out to the creditors, or am Isupposed too?

I have searched the boards, but not much on a pro se filer. Do I just wait to get my letter for my 341 meeting?

Any advice as to what to do next would be appreciated.

I mean i don't think I am a total moron. :roll: i hope not at least :p

thanks so much

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Others will jump in I'm sure, but its my understanding that the court will notify your crediitors. All you need do now is wait for notification of the 341 meeting....

If you're concerned, you might sit in on a couple of other 341 meetings to see how the trustees in your area work...then you can make sure you've got the right answers for them...

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