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JBC: Re-organize corp to avoid suits?

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I have it on good authority that JBC Legal Group, PC aka JBC & Associates aka Jack Boyajian and Marv Brandon, etc have reorganized under the name Jack Boyajian Law Offices, PC.

If a company did such a thing whilst being pursued by numerous state attorney generals and individual consumers, what would that mean for pending litigation?

As far as I know, there are no bankruptcy filings as yet. Can they just blow off suits this way?

Basically, what I really want to know is: Can I still get paid?

Also, can I join their new name to my suit? I just want to make sure that they can't slip out of my grip, because I'm fixin' to win this thing.

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I'm in the process of popping these bastages myself. My lawyer has already had one mean talk with them and they got nasty with him which is making him go after them even more.

I dont think it will affect the suits because there is a trail.. they are the same company under a new name.

Go get em!!!

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