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Newbie....with a credit mess!


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OK -- here goes.

I created all my debt in Michigan but I now live in Ohio....which SOL do I use?

My credit card debt is fairly high (at least to me) probaby around 9000.00 (not sure though). I have lived in Ohio for 5 1/2 years will be 6 in July, and I have not paid any cc at all, just receive an occassional letter from a CA. I had a car repo'd back in 98 but never got anything sent to me about the amount owing. So my questions are:

Do I just ride out the next year and see what happens? (I am kinda freaked because someone called my mom's house tonight asking for me using my maiden name).

Should I just say to heck with it and file bk?

I haven't run a credit report in at least 6 years. (I know bad bad bad), but I was always afraid they (CA"s) would start harrassing me by getting my new address from my Credit Report, is this possible?

Lastly, what is the sol of the repo (it was done in MI in late 97 or early 98).

I feel like I have just made such a mess of everything and just want to go on.

Thanks so much to anyone who can shed some light on my mess.

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My 2 cents (I'm a newbee but have read probably 50% of all posts on this site):

1. Get your credit reports! Without them u can't do nothing. You can get them online. If you haven't applied for credit since you defaulted your CCs, the Credit Reporting Agencies will have your old address on file. That's the one you have to give them during the signup procedure as verification. Nothing will be mailed to you by snail mail, just email. No reason to reveal your new, current address.

I don't know the SOL in your state, but 6 years seems like a long time. You probably have better options than to file bk.

Maybe someone else can answer the SOL question.

Or use the search function....


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