Cred Sys Intl Reply...Please Advise

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I sent the debt validation letter to CSI regarding an account with Austin Energy I believe I paid years ago. The response they sent is merely a printout in tabular format as follows:


CSI Prim Ref.: 574XXXX

CSI Ref.: 574XXXX

Acct#: 0364XXXX

Svc Add.: 2409 XXXX St.

Cut On Date: 19990824

Cut off Date: 010523

Bal: $XXX.XX

Cli: Austin Energy

My initial reaction is that this does not fufill the requirements as it is simply a printout of the collector's file. Any advice?

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Thanks for the responses. I'll send the 2nd letter and wait. The collector info is as follows:

Credit Systems International, Inc.

P.O. Box 1088

1277 Country Club Lane FW TX 76112

Arlington, TX 76004

(817) 496-6500

(800) 316-8064

Hope that helps!

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