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Thought I was done with credit repair..need advice


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DH and I are going to be buying a house soon and on his EQ and TU report is a supposed electrical bill thru a CA when we lived in GA in 1997-98.

I sent out a DV letter about a year ago, they sent me the letter back with a handwritten amount due and who it was from. So did not validate properly.

Well, I got busy and forgot to follow up and honestly just forgot about it until I pulled DH's reports to make sure we were golden before getting pre-qualified.

I don't know if I owe this or not. I want it to just go away and I'm willing to just pay it so I don't have to do this back and forth validation stuff. Its only 280 dollars...

So my question is, I want to do a pay for delete. Is it too harsh to word it like this:

"I'm willing to pay this even though you didn't give me proper validation. I will pay the full amount upon written acceptance that you delete the tradeline from my credit file"

Good, bad?

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