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I have found a pretty good way of contacting creditors via email. Once you find the domain of whoever you're needing to contact - Marlin Holdings for example is http://www.marlinholdings.com, go to Google. In the search bar, and it is very important that you do this exactly this way, type "@marlinholdings.com". Meaning quote, the at symbol, the domain, and then quote.

Search through the results and you'll find email addresses belonging to employees, corporate officers, and the like. Most of the time you can click on the link, then hit control-F to find a line, and type @marlinholdings.com to locate the listing. Almost all collection agencies belong to some city, county, or state organization, so it's easy to find people and what they do for each company.

Next , go to http://www.readnotify.com/readnotify/ and download the ReadNotify program. It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora among others. It provides you with all of the following:

tracking reports:

Date and time opened

Location of recipient (per their ISP city /town)

Map of location (available on paid subscriptions)

Recipients IP address

Apparent email address of opening (if available)

Referrer details (ie; if accessed via web mail etc)

URL clicks

How long the email was read for

How many times your email was opened

If your email was forwarded, or opened on a different computer

sending options:

Certified email

Ensured-Receipts and retractable emails

Invisible tracking

Self-Destructing emails

Block printing

Block forwarding

Secure Encypted emails

Track MS Word or Excel documents


In your Personal Tracking Page (when you log in)

Email ReadNotifications

Legal Proof-of-Opening receipts

Delivery Service Notifications (DSN's)

SMS alert on your cell-phone or pager

(I'm not intending to sound like a shill for ReadNotify..it's just easier to cut and paste what it does)

I did this last night and had the Dallas area manager for RMA Inc call me at 8:30 this morning. An executive assistant for NCS called me at 10:00.

Hope some of this helps, and feel free to ask my any questions.

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ReadNotify.com Proof-of-Posting certificate.

The one or more digital certificates shown below were generated and attached during dispatch to your email entitled " certified email from Jack A*******" sent on Sat, 19 Mar 2005 22:27:08 GMT from jack_a@*******.net to aglover@sterlingbank.com with ReadNotify.com reference 6c7dd4db62bccf37404fd98d1b0b0470 and your messageid ' <005601c52cd2$8b8a5420$0200a8c0@JAX>'

For your convenience, your original (now digitally signed & time-certified) email is attached hereto.

HTML portion certificate:-

ReadNotify.com E-mail Posting-Time Digital Certificate. On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 22:27:08 GMT the above e-mail arrived from jack_a@*******.net for aglover@sterlingbank.com, was assigned sequence number #1989040 and ReadNotify reference 6c7dd4db62bccf37404fd98d1b0b0470, digitally signed, and immediately dispatched. NB: This certificate irrevocably links the body and headers of this email to the date and time they were dispatched. The following signature is now published online; to view it, verify it, or for more information, please visit www.ReadNotify.com.


Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (ReadNotify.com TimeStamp Server v2.2)

Comment: Certificate #1989040, created Sat, 19 Mar 2005 22:27:08 GMT






My new friend Aretha had Norm Vercammen (NVercammen@sterlingbank.com), SB&T Assistant Vice President - Servicing Manager email me back this morning.

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Parent of NCO Groups Inc

Russ D. Bingman, Account Executive

NCO Financial, Inc

909 E. Republic Dr.

Springfield, MO 65807-6004

Ph (417)882-7183, ext 2250


NCO Group, Inc.

Michael J. Barrist, Chairman and CEO

Steven L. Winokur, EVP, Finance and CFO

(215) 441-3000

John Adonnino

Vice President - Sales

507 Prudential Road

Horsham, PA 19044

Phone: (800) 227-4000

Fax: (215) 441-3923


---Maybe we should be asking the IT Specialists/DBA’s why our info is wrong? >>

Marc Soda, CISSP

Information Security Engineer

NCO Group




---Or ask their caterer in Puerto Rico? >>

Juan R. Meléndez


TEL. (787) 603-0350


…then there’s Manny. We’re not sure what he does at NCO, but in his spare time he coaches girls soccer in Tampa Bay, FL >>

Manny Cardozo

Ph: 813-991-6654


..and then there’s Christina. In her spare time she co-chairs the Florida chapter of the HealthCare Financial Management group. We're confident that she's the life of any party! >>

Christina Cimaglia

PH: 772-559-8782


Danny likes to hang out with his brother, (yo!) and see the rock group EchoValve when he isn’t at work. (We’re pretty sure he’s one of those $8.00/hr phone boys…;) >>

Daniel Nielsen


..and poor Jimmy – always having trouble with his fax machine…since he HAS one, we’ll assume he has his own desk, anyway >>


There wouldn’t be any real good reason to contact Chris, as he really only does bookings for lectures. We’d just annoy him, I imagine; but since HIS email name is in caps, maybe he has authorit-i. Plus we really love to find phone numbers that don’t start with 800/866. >he he<


Ph: 215-441-2172

In Lori’s spare time, she’s Vice President of the Parent-Teacher-Students Association at Jarrett Middle School in Springfield, MO. We think NCO is awfully nice to let all these employees use their work email for personal use.

Lori Halverson

Ph: 882-5206


Last but not least, Norm wants you to audition for his upcoming community theatre play, which we think is particularily appropriately titled. You can reach him at home in the evenings - ...um......before 9pm: >>

Auditions for The Mousetrap, directed by Norman Berger

Ph:215-822-8372 (evenings)


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1. Dee Barbash - Far West - Collection Service of Nevada

P. 775-333-5757 E-mail: deeb@csn-reno.com

2. Darlene Croteau - Northeast - Windham Professionals

P. 603-890-4034 Ext. 225 E-mail: darlene@windhampros.com

3. Frank Fox - Mid-East - Fox Collection Center

P. 800-422-2793 E-mail: frank.fox@foxcollection.com

4. David Hemrick - Southwest - Pacific Credit Services

P. 831-724-6328 E-mail: dchemrick@aol.com

5. Scott Millsap - (Chair) Northwest - Automated Accounts

P. 800-421-8470 E-mail: scott@automatedaccounts.com

6. Brian Myers - Mountain - Durango Credit & Collections

P. 800-282-4243 Ext. 11 E-mail: elkrule@arscollect.com

7. Jeff Powell - Southeast - Collection Service

P. 850-434-0883 E-mail: jpowell@collectionservices.com

8. Terry Young - Great Plains - Allied Collection Service

P. 812-372-0263 E-mail: tyoung@alliedcollectionservice.com

How cool is that???? I love google, I really do. Anyhow, I thought maybe these would help someone with goodwill letters, perhaps a person to send the letter to in these companies or even an email.

Found this here if anyone is wondering


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Guest ms. tina

o.k. i'm not very good at all that maybe you can help me out. i'm looking for this guy at sallie mae student loans. his name is rob meck he is the senior vice president debt managment i need to know his mailing address e-mail and phone #. can you help me please.

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But would this be the right person? For this acount, I owed Bank of America $176 (checking overdraft fee) that I totally forgot about. About a year ago, I paid it in full when I realized I owed money. It says Paid Collection Account on my CR.

Penncro Associates, Inc.

95 James Way, 113

Southampton, PA 18966

Phone: 215-322-2438

Fax: 215-357-7046

Contact: Steven Beranek, SVP, Business Development

E-mail: sberanek@penncro.com

Web Site: http://www.penncro.com

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(i moved post here)

Hi ALL! this is my first post, but i've been reading the threads. Sprint is the biggest migraine headache in the world for me. they purposefully give incorrect information and refuse to give their names, id#'s, or sometimes locations. This post is for anyone who needs to contact the higher ups or a different division. Good Luck with Sprint!

Sprint Directory


Executive Team



Paul Saleh

Acting Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Sprint Nextel


Mark E. Angelino

President, Sales and Distribution

Sprint Nextel


Keith Cowan

President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Initiatives

Sprint Nextel


Robert S. Foosaner

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Chief Regulatory Officer

Sprint Nextel


Chris A. Hill

Vice President, Corporate Governance and Ethics, and Corporate Secretary

Sprint Nextel


Timothy E. Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer

Sprint Nextel


Len Kennedy

General Counsel

Sprint Nextel


Richard T.C. LeFave

Chief Information Officer

Sprint Nextel


Steve Nielsen

Chief Service Officer

Sprint Nextel


Sandra J. Price

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Sprint Nextel

Executive Team


Kathryn Walker

Chief Network Officer

Sprint Nextel


Barry West

Chief Technology Officer and Xohm Business Unit lead

Sprint Nextel


Bill White

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

Sprint Nextel

Sprint Business


Nextel Business


Personal Long Distance


Investor Relations



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I wanted to try this out so I put in "@assetcareinc.com" because I just received a letter from them about a settlement offer and I came up with this link http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/227/ripoff0227732.htm so I followed the link and started to read this report/letter that is identical to the letter I received. I am really glad I read this before I did anything with this letter. This site looks really good for looking up CA and there ripoffs. Here is the main site http://www.ripoffreport.com/default.asp to check out. I did get one pop up trying to sell a book from this site but when I closed it, it never came back.

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