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Need help with CCB


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I posted this stuff over at Creditboards but I wanted to get your opinions on this also. i am going to copy and paste my posts from over there

This is my first post


I had an account with Cross Country bank and shortly after I got it I used it once or twice for small purchases but ended up on bedrest not able to work and could not pay the balance. Once I got off of bedrest I got an email stating that my account was overlimit but that's ok because they could help me and if I made a payment that day I would be ok and it wouldn't go to collections.

Well I called that same day and I tried to make a payment of $400(the total balance was $722) but the rep could not take the payment from my credit card. He then told me that a statement had just come out and if I pay it before 03/09 then I would be all good to go. Never once mentioning a charge-off threat, or that I could use quick collect or moneygram express.

Well I called today and asked another rep was it ok if I sent $380 instead of the $400 because I was going to use Moneygram express and he said that's fine. I also set up payment arrangments to pay $50 every two weeks until the account is payed in full in which I wanted to cancel it because I didn't want to get in a sticky situation again. He said it was cool.

I processed the payment through Moneygram and they say that Cross Country will be notified of the payment within 10 minutes. So I wait an hour and call back just to let them know that I payed it. Well they tell me it's been charged off and I should have sent the payment to the collection agency. Ok I understand that

WHat I don't understand is why I never got a letter of intent to charge-off and why the rep before said that my account would be ok. So I talk to three different people who are just horrid customer service reps and then finally I get transferred to a supervisor. Well she finally understood what I was trying to do. She still says it's in charge-off and there is no way of getting it back. Ok fine. But at the same time I still can't understand how it can go to a charge off status and they didn't notify me. I got a statement on 02/18 and talked to the rep the same day, but I was told it was charged off on 02/28. I am not sure what this ramble is supposed to solve seeing that I am still pregnant and forgot the moral of the story during the second paragraph. I guess my question is, is there some type of complaint I can make seeing that when I called on 02/18, 11 days before it was charged off, they didn't tell me that it would be and didn't give me the other payment options? dntknw.gif

Edited to say: I am in the process of reading up on how to get my credit straightened out. Not totally understanding some of the abbrevations in this site

to make a long story short here is the last one.

Well people, I need more help now...I called CCB because i was being harassed by the collection agency that they hired to collect the debt. Well I just got a call today stating that they have agreed to not contact me anymore but I am to pay CCB $100 a month until it's paid in full $300. Well I am going to fax a letter in writing asking them to send me proof that this CA is not going to contact me anymore.

My question is, IS there ANY way that I could get them to PFD...Like you guys said they will do nothing over the phone.

please help

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